The Archive Edition/ Traditionals

Edward Fields' vast archives were the inspiration for this traditional compilation. A combination of existing and new creations has been updated to bring to our offerings a fresh expression for a timeless style. Original hand-painted artwork was carefully digitized in our studio to adapt for effortless customizations. In addition, the motifs and border elements were restyled to today's environment. Designs were simplified, and scales and colors were thoughtfully selected.

The collection of 13 designs has been interpreted in our two artisanal techniques, hand-knotted in Nepal and hand-tufted  in our state-of-the-art new factory in Xiamen, China.

The treatment of both qualities seeks for low-piles all-loop or all cut to translate the beauty of patterns that bloom, curve and decorate. The rugs have tranquil though rich palettes with stimulating color combinations that add dimension.



Click to view and download catalogue

Click to view and download catalogue