Edward Fields Carpet Makers is a vanguard of American design and has been creating bespoke luxury carpets and rugs for eight decades. Founded by Edward Fields in 1935 and acquired by the House of Tai Ping in 2005, Edward Fields revolutionized the carpet business by elevating carpet making to an art form.

Edward Fields invented the term ‘area rug’ and produced these pieces, which he called ‘art for the floor’, both in house and through collaborations with the best designers and artists of mid-century America, including Raymond Loewy, Mies Van der Rohe, Phillip Johnson, Van Day Truex and Marion Dorn.

Edward Fields is known for unparalleled design, quality and craftsmanship, its extraordinary custom capabilities have made it a trade secret among American designers for decades. Located in architectural landmarks and notable private residences - including the White House and the Glass House by Philip Johnson - Edward Fields’ rugs are found in the most prestigious American locations and continue to be specified by designers for contemporary projects.