The Archive Edition is the result of a 2006 expedition into Edward Fields' past. At first, the word 'archive' seemed a rather lofty name for the dozens of cartons discovered tucked away at the factory in Queens, New York. Within those boxes, however, was nothing less than a treasure trove of inspiration.


Over the decades, Edward Fields artists had documented the development of every custom design. Thousands of watercolors, photographs, press clippings, and yarn samples were recovered. As the Edward Fields artists sifted through the finding -pulling old sketches; rendering new ones; reviving colors, patterns, and textures employed by the designers before- the company's past came to life as never before.

The result, a suite of some 40 designs, was aptly called the Archive Edition. Updated and re-colored, the designs of this edition showcases many Edward Fields hallmarks, among them mastery of texture and color, facility with artistic abstraction, and unparalleled hand-tufting. The archive Edition includes some of Edward Fields' most recognizable and best-loved patterns including retro geometrics lyrical abstract patterns, and riotous florals. The Archive Edition is, in essence, a visual history of the brand itself.